WildStar: Reloaded

So what is WildStar: Reloaded?
If you haven't heard about WildStar it’s a MMORPG with a Sci-Fi setting. The graphics for the game are amazing and it uses an animated art-style reminiscent of other games. Like most MMOs, it has raids, pvp, dungeons: all the bells and whistles that a triple A MMO should have.

So it's "Free to Play?" What's the catch?
No catch! Free to play accounts have access to all of the content in the game, the same as those who have been subscribed to the game up to this point. There are limits to the account but not content access.If you want the full F2P break down, CLICK HERE. The biggest barrier in the game is that F2P accounts cannot manage guilds (you can join, but not invite/kick) until you spend $5 in the game or pay for the physical game copy. Also free to play accounts cannot create more than 2 characters unless you buy the physical game or pay for more character slots.

Physical Copy is on sale for $5 at Gamestop. CLICK HERE

Isn't WildStar just another WoW clone?
No. Wildstar's combat system is different than those found in most WoW clones. WildStar uses telegraphed attacks for the majority of their skills for both player and NPCs. If you're unaware what telegraphed attacks are, when a player casts their skills it puts a box on the ground and clearly shows you where the skill will hit, allowing you to move out of the way. Movement is a large part of Wildstar. That isn't to say that WildStar doesn't borrow from WoW - in fact, WildStar's goal is to capture the magic that WoW had at launch and to bring that depth to the game that WoW and other games have removed.

I heard it's hard!
That is not a question but I know what you're saying! While the original goal was to make the gaming super challenging the barriers they had to get into content were a little extreme, taking too long to get past and eventually making players give up. One of the biggest changes in the game now that it has gone Free to Play is to that process which has removed or simplified many of the steps to get attuned to raids allowing for a much easier transition into raiding content.[/color]