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Join the Dark Brotherhood
Thank you for your interest in joining our Dark Brotherhood. We are a mature guild based in North America on the West Coast. Our faction is Ebonheart Pact. Take the time to read what is required of you, then sign in blood at the bottom. One of our officers will either contact you in game or send you an invite outright.

In order to submit an application, make sure you create an Enjin account and register with the Neon Grind website.

Check out our calendar of events: esocalendar

The Dark Brotherhood ranking system: Brothers and Sisters of Sithis

Our Teamspeak: neongrind.typefrag.com:5050

  • Must be over 18
  • Have Teamspeak and a working mic
  • Remember to leave an open guild slot so we can invite you!
  • Hop on Teamspeak and speak with an officer to be promoted from Thug to Murderer. (optional)

ESO Application

Email Address:
What is your ESO in-game @name? (Not your character's name)
What time zone are you in? What time of day do you normally play?
What is your character level/race/class/role (Tank, Healer, DPS)
How long have you been playing ESO?
How did you hear about Neon Grind? Did someone refer you to us? If so, who?
What are you looking for in a guild?
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